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CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Pizza is 30-40% of my diet

Braden Lemons NCCPT

In my time in the commercial gym industry, I’ve seen members and clients fail due to the lack of accountability and time constraints. I have developed flexible training techniques that avoid these pitfalls.

Years of working with stay-at-home moms, high school athletes, injury rehabilitation cases and working professionals have helped give me a diverse client base. This has also educated me on a multitude of exercise routines that avoid excessive risk and achieve personal goals.

My focused approach and attention to detail are key to my clients’ success. I pride myself on my ability to address each individual’s training requirements and physical goals in an effective training program.


I have been a personal trainer since 2015 however general health and fitness have always been important to me throughout the years. I grew up playing baseball in high school as well as the collegiate level which taught me the value of teamwork, accountability and hard work. These are values that I continue to work with and employ when working with my clients. I look forward to helping people change their lives one step at a time and reaching their goals.

Information about me:

I’m the youngest of 6 children in my family and I have 13 nieces and nephews.

I got engaged at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy in the summer of 2018 and plan to be married in the Fall of 2020.

I LOVE FOOD! My Fiancé and I spend most of our time either preparing, eating or looking for the next recipe!




Nutrition Coach

Loves Food!